Hannah Epperson "Slowdown"

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Hannah Epperson - Slowdown (Vinyl + Downloadcode & Booklet / CD)


01. 20/20 (Amelia)

02. Cat's Cradle (Amelia)

03. We Will Host A Party (Amelia)

04. Tell The Kids It's Gonna Be Alright (Amelia)

05. 40 Numbers (Amelia)

06. 40 Numbers (Iris)

07. Tell The Kids It's Gonna Be Alright (Iris)

08. We Will Host A Party (Iris)

09. Cat's Cradle (Iris)

10. 20/20 (Iris)

Release: 16.02.2018 - (listenrecords/Broken Silence)

Armed with her violin, loop pedal and voice, sonic weaver Hannah Epperson played numerous concerts across Europe in the last years and elated the audiences. With her touching tones she casts a spell on everyone attending her shows. Her albums "Upsweep" and "Slowdown" play pop and neo-classical versions of her songs and transport both emotional and political messages.