Elena Steri

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In a world full of perishableness and pressure, it’s a protest to be highly strung. Elena Steri writes compelling song miniatures with depth that melt in with her bendy and delicate voice taking up the space right next to the listener’s heart. From picking commonly biased Ukulele and playing it her very own way, she then switches to soft, atmospheric riffs on her electric guitar and layers it skillfully with polyphonic vocals on her loop station.

"Dense pianosounds, playful jazz twists and turns, blown away voices, groove. One thinks to listen to a young Joni Mitchell, maybe Kate Bush. But with piano and trombone. Hard to classify" - NDR Info

„CATT captivates tremendously with her piano ballades. Thrilling songs, dark, mystic and homely like a moonlit night. She will make it big" – DLF Kultur

"With her voice, piano, trumpet and trombone, supported by a fantastic band, CATT created iridescent pop chansons - sometimes impulsively improvising, sometimes gently soaring. Amazement. Goosebumps. Lots of applause" – Hamburger Abendblatt