LNA "soft trigger"

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Elena Steri - "soft trigger" (Release: 14.10.2022, Vinyl / CD)

1. error404: body not found
2. reset
3. you sat there
4. the mailman
5. girasole
6. me and my headache
7. no words left (feat. C'est Karma)
8. that's what he said
9. that's what he thought
10. relapse (feat. tenderpeaks)
11. kassiopeia (feat. Novaa)
12. not gonna lie
13. desert song

Available as a limited white vinyl edition (300 pcs), on CD and digitally on all streaming platforms.


In a world full of perishableness and pressure, it’s a protest to be highly strung. Elena Steri writes compelling songs with depth that melt in with her bendy and delicate voice taking up the space right next to the listener’s heart.

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