Kalle Mattson "Someday, The Moon Will Be Gold"

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Kalle Mattson - "Someday, The Moon Will Be Gold" (Vinyl + Downloadcode / CD)


01. An American Dream

02. Darkness

03. The Living & The Dead

04. Sound & Fury (A Dream Within A Dream)

05. Hurt People Hurt People

06. Eyes Speak

07. The Moon Is Gold

08. God's Only Son

09. A Love Song To The City

10. Pick Me Up

11. In The Morning Light

12. Amelie

Release: 07.03.2014  (Trickser/Broken Silence)

Kalle Mattson is a Juno Polaris Music Prize nominated singer/songwriter based in Canada. His capturing debut "Someday, The Moon Will Be Gold" was released in 2014, followed by "Avalanche", both being folk pop gems of highest level.