Emanuel And The Fear "Primitive Smile"

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Emanuel And The Fear - "Primitive Smile" (Vinyl + Downloadcode / CD)


01. Some May Fall Asleep

02. State of Violet

03. Holding On

04. I Believe

05. Lately

06. Meredith

07. Sheffield

08. The Unwinding (Sparrow Song)

09. I Would Love To Be Forgotten

10. Goodbye

Release: 23.09.2016 (Listenrecords/Broken Silence)

Emanuel And The Fear, based in Brooklyn, New York, started to work on a new album after a four year hiatus since their last release, The Janus Mirror in 2012. Inspired by a quote by Igor Stravinsky they found a new way to approach their songwriting. Diverging from the progressive and fantastical elements of its predecessor, Primitive Smile adheres to the most formulaic elements of pop music: the verse, the repeating chorus and the single bridge. In creating more refined song structures they intend to break the shackles of the popular mindset and attain an honest and unique communication through music.