Joy Bogat "Fabric Of Dreams" Notebook-Bundle

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Vinyl + Notebook38,00 € 
CD + Notebook28,00 € 


Joy Bogat - Album “Fabric of Dreams” (Release: 08.03.2024, Vinyl / CD) + NOTEBOOK

The bundle is available with the vinyl edition (incl. lyric card) or the CD (incl. booklet).

The notebook comes as a softcover with some handwritten lyrics of the album by Joy Bogat in it.

Pictures may slightly differ from the original.


1. Milk And Honey

2. Raise My Glass

3. No Gravity

4. Backwards

5. Thirsty

6. Confide In You

7. Dreaming

8. Everything At Once

9. Confidence

10. Why Should We Lie

11. A Way Out

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