Bartleby Delicate "To pin your hopes on someone​/​something (Live from Philharmonie Luxembourg)"

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Bartleby Delicate - Vinyl “To pin your hopes on someone/something (Live from Philharmonie Luxembourg)” (Release: 07.12.2022)

To pin your hopes on someone/something (idiom): to hope very much that something or someone will help you to achieve what you want (Cambridge Dictionary)

After postponing the concert that should have taken place in March 2020 at the Luxembourg Philharmonie for two years due to the pandemic, on the 10th of February 2022, the waiting paid off. A day to pin your hopes on. Playing eventually in this special venue in his hometown Luxembourg city, the Luxembourg solo musician behind the project, Georges Goerens, left behind his vision of modern electronic loop-oriented folk for this occasion and rearranged the songs for a full band line-up. Joined by a four-piece consisting of Christophe Demart on drums, Claire Parsons on keys and backing vocals, Nick Sauber on bass and cello, as well as Jamie Reinert on electric and pedal steel guitar, an atmosphere was created during the concert that was reminiscent of concerts by Sufjan Stevens, Bon Iver, and Big Thief. It was the experience of musical freedom in the live performance and the rediscovery of the core of the songs that led to the idea of releasing the recordings. Eight songs of the concert can be heard on the live LP ‘To pin your hopes on someone/something’. Replacing the synth textures of the recording with strings and soothing pedal steel, the electronic beats with the liveliness of the drum set, and recreating the signature vocal pitches with backing vocals and vocoders, the songs developed a quality of their own in the unique setting of the Luxembourg Philharmonie. Hopes were pinned on these songs performed in a singular constellation, a hope desperately needed after two years of waiting. This hope is now printed on the vinyl ‘To pin your hopes on someone/something’ by Bartleby Delicate.