Bartleby Delicate "Deadly Sadly Whatever" EP

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Bartleby Delicate - "Deadly Sadly Whatever" (Release: 14.05.2021, CD & Vinyl)

Am 14. Mai 2021 veröffentlichte Bartleby Delicate seine Debut-EP “Deadly Sadly Whatever”. Sie kann als CD (Digisleeve) und Vinyl (12inch) erworben werden.
Bartleby Delicate released his debut EP “Deadly Sadly Whatever” on May 14th 2021. It can be ordered as CD (Digisleeve) or Vinyl (12inch).


00. (There's No Need to be Strong)
01. Sleeping Song
02. Plastic Flowers
03. Winter's Dark
04. From Top to Toe (EP Version)
05. Deadly Over You
06. __