Tiflis Transit "A Dim Daze / Mondaene Dysfunction"

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Vinyl (blue marbled)22,00 € 


Double-EP: Tiflis Transit - “A Dim Daze / Mondaene Dysfunction” (Release: 13.11.2020, Vinyl). 

Am 13. November 2020 ist die zweite EP von Tiflis Transit, "A Dim Daze", erschienenen. Das zugehörige Vinyl entält neben "A Dim Daze" auf der A-Seite auch den 2018 erschienen Erstling "Mondaene Dysfunction" auf der B-Seite!

On 13th november 2020 the sophomore ep by Tiflis Transit "A Dim Daze" was released. The vinyl versions not only contains the new ep on side A, but also the debut ep "Mondaene Dysfunction" on side B.
Limited blue marble vinyl edition (300 pcs) 

Side A - A Dim Daze

A1 - Doze
A2 - Waver
A3 - Toil
A4 - Errantly Casual
A5 - Bazon's Song

Side B - Mondaene Dysfunction

B1 - May
B2 - White Wall
B3 - Mosaic
B4 - Island

Just like the debut EP „Mondaene Dysfunction“ (2018), Tiflis Transits's EP “A Dim Daze” leads the listener to the heart of Blue Soul. Between groove and sadness, he creates melodies, harmonies and words, reducing tricky trains of thought and still finding them deeply soaked with connections to the things, which move many. Music rushing and shouting it’s way to the listeners head, heart, feet and memory.