CATT "Why, Why"

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Vinyl (coloured 1st pressing)26,00 € 
CD18,00 € 


CATT - “Why, Why” (Release: 20.11.2020, Vinyl / CD)
Available as a special coloured white vinyl edition, on CD and digitally on all streaming platforms.

1. Again
2. Rain
3. Willow Tree
4. We Could Have Been
5. Shades
6. The Space
7. Surface
8. I Don't Know How To Talk To You
9. Curve A Line
10. Mistaken
11. You Are Here
12. How Can I Become

CATT grew up in a Northern German three-house-village, mainly surrounded by woods and classical music before she moved to Berlin. After studying piano and production, the critically acclaimed multi-instrumentalist released her first EP „Moon“ in 2019 and worked with many well known artists. Her songs move somewhere between playful pop, jazz and indiefolk. With her debut album “Why, Why”, CATTs musical vision of conectedness now takes shape in the clearest way so far.