A Tale Of Golden Keys "The Only Thing That's Real"

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A Tale Of Golden Keys - "The Only Thing That's Real" (Release: 30.10.2020, Vinyl / CD)


01. Gin Tonic State of Mind

02. Hockey Pants

03. All Banks Are Dry

04. Whirling (feat. Elena Steri)

05. Hostility

06. +

07. Rainbow Melancholy

08. Cars

09. No Endodontic Treatment

10. Wrong

11. Books

When three deeply relaxed guys set out to make and record an album all by themselves without having a real plan or objective, it can probably only be A Tale of Golden Keys. They have quietly and secretly recorded their new album "The Only Thing That’s Real" (out October 30th via Listenrecords) over a number of months in their secluded and rather run down house somewhere south of Nuremberg. In doing so, they have created their most versatile artistic output, freed of their self-imposed constraints and musical past. Their only rule was: "Do what feels right." You can hear this new found artistic freedom and simplistic approach in each of their songs. Songs bursting with joy of discovery and the right kind of confidence.